Top 10 Reasons why wealth is better than health

We frequently connect wealth with tangible belongings and money when we think of it. We think that the more money we have, the more important we are.

The word “wealth,” however, derives from two old English words, “weal,” which means “well-being,” and “the,” which means a condition. Therefore, rather than simply being wealthy regarding money or other belongings, true riches are a condition of well-being.

Can someone actually be called affluent if they have a significant financial fortune but terrible relationships or health? To assess our genuine riches, we must take into account several aspects of our lives because having wealth in just one area may not result in total well-being.

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Most people would choose to be wealthy in the true sense of the word, which includes good health, financial security, and meaning and purpose in life. Personal experience suggests that feeling wealthy is associated with good health, financial stability, and a sense of purpose in life.

Top 10 Reasons why wealth is Better than Health?

Here are 10 reasons why being wealthy – financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually – is beneficial. These areas comprise the essence of our being and can significantly impact the quality of our lives. The premise is that the wealthier we are, the better our lives will be.

  1. If we are physically or financially fortunate, we can be more generous because we can give more at work, at home, or in our communities. Our level of generosity, which is increased by income, is correlated with our sense of self-worth.
  2. Gaining riches requires learning new things, whether they are financial, relational, or health-related. We will need to acquire new talents in order to become wealthy, such as learning how to invest or improving our relationships or health. This will take more from us regarding growth, development, and performance.
  3. When our basic needs are met, we feel more comfortable, which can improve our creativity. Comfort in this context does not mean being satisfied with where we are in life and not being willing to challenge ourselves to grow. It’s about having our needs met so that we can function well each day and be our best selves.
  4. Wealth enables us to make a greater impact and invest in more resources, saving time and money. Financial wealth allows us to have more fun and raise our children with an abundance mindset. If we’re not wealthy financially, the good we can do in the world is limited to our own physical presence. That means we’re restricted by the amount of time we can give toward a cause or project.
  5. Our lives will be filled with greater happiness. Many people believe that money cannot bring us happiness. However, this belief has been slightly misunderstood, leading to significant consequences. The original concept was that the “love” of money does not lead to happiness. It’s not about obsessing over or hoarding money. Rather, it’s about understanding that money and wealth are tools that can help us achieve what we desire. It is perfectly fine to be affluent and have a healthy relationship with money.
  6. Like attracts like, and we tend to surround ourselves with similar people when we are wealthy. We attract people playing at the same level as us, and spending time with like-minded people is often a good thing.
  7. Our tendency is also towards less stress and more free time. When we are financially successful, we frequently have more options and choose wisely when it comes to our health, money, and general well-being. You’ll be surprised at how much free time you have when money worries are gone, as one of my mentors frequently says.
  8. We will experience more enjoyment. How often does money influence our decisions about whether to engage in certain activities? When we desire new experiences, such as adventures or trips, having wealth allows us to base our decisions on whether we truly want to do something rather than considering affordability.
  9. It will require us to form new beliefs to attract, maintain, and build our wealth. Our mindset will change, which often means we adopt new beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Our results are often a reflection of our thoughts, and in order to get better results, we must be willing to form new beliefs.
  10. Finally, while riches do not ensure happiness, it does provide people with the resources to do so. It involves realizing that riches or money can help us achieve our goals. Having a good connection with money and being wealthy are both acceptable. It’s not about loving, worrying over, or hoarding money.

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If we consider wealth holistically, we will realize that it has many benefits that provide us with more choices in life. When we have wealth, we can do much more in the world than when we do not. However, our beliefs about wealth are crucial in how we perceive its benefits.

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