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How to Lose Weight while Sleeping- 2 Tips Only

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Tip #1 Lose Weight While You Sleep

If you must eat right before bed, choose a high-fat, low-carb snack. Your blood sugar will remain stable as a result. However, eating a high-carb snack right before bedtime will cause your blood sugar to spike, and the subsequent blood sugar crash may be enough to keep you awake. This explains why the idea of getting up for a “midnight snack” exists in our culture.

But hey, that’s why they initially turned on the light in the refrigerator, right?

The worst thing you can do is eat right before bed if you really want to get a good night’s sleep (especially if you’re overweight because cortisol levels tend to rise too high).  Give your body solids 90 minutes after meals (more is better) before going to bed.

Again, this is especially true if you’re eating carbs because if you’re asleep when hypoglycemia hits, it will wake you up and make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Tip #2 Lose Weight While You Sleep

I hope your first meal is amazing. Make a wise start to your day. In today’s society, the majority of people are conditioned to eat sweets for breakfast. cereal, bagels, pancakes, fruit smoothies, toast, and more. You’re setting yourself up for a day of fat storage because you had a significant insulin spike to start the day. Here is one of the key elements of sustained fat loss: Keep insulin levels low in the morning.

The best time to consume real food, superfoods, and healthy fats are in the morning because you are at home and can easily access your cabinet.

A hormone-healthy way to start the day is with a vegetable omelet, sliced avocado, kelp granules (a sea vegetable that is great for thyroid function), and some omega-3 supplements. By the way, I’m not disparaging all smoothies; however, if weight loss is your objective, you should limit your intake of fruit (even though it’s healthier than glazed donuts, it can still cause an insulin spike if you’re not careful).

Instead, if you’re going to make a smoothie, focus on the green by making a green smoothie. Put spinach, berries, protein powder, cinnamon, cocoa powder (chocolate powder), unsweetened almond milk, and possibly half a small banana or stevia in the blender to make a tasty smoothie.

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The micronutrients and greens will help limit the insulin response. Green smoothies are acceptable, but for the majority of people, a meal that includes some protein (like eggs, steak, or salmon), vegetables (either cooked or raw), and some healthy fats is preferable (such as avocado, coconut, olives, or nuts). must leave and go). Stop consuming breakfast like it was a Willy Wonka confection.

Rethink what constitutes a healthy breakfast if you want to lose weight and get your metabolism going instead of storing fat.

Note:  Finding the best breakfasts and other meals for your particular body type is a key concept I teach through my website because everyone is different. This chapter’s content on nutrition and fat loss is so extensive that it could fill an entire book and necessitate additional training for weeks.

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