How to get shiny healthy hair naturally- 8 Best Ways

Having shiny hair is a desire shared by many people since it is associated with beauty, health, youth, and vitality. While some are naturally blessed with shiny hair, others may find it challenging to achieve the same look due to heat styling and exposure to harsh chemicals. Additionally, curly hair may not appear as shiny as straight hair because it doesn’t reflect light as much.

Despite spending hours washing, drying, and styling their hair each year, 81 percent of women report dissatisfaction with their hair. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve shiny hair quickly and effortlessly. In this article, you will find helpful tips and advice to make your hair look beautiful and healthy. Follow these recommendations to add shine to your hair and keep it looking its best.

How to Get Shiny and Healthy Hair Fast

Here we have a list of ways how to get shiny hair and also how you can keep them healthy and shiny forever.

  • Apply transparent color on the hair like normal colors. The color will add a little pigment to the hair shaft that will shine through when the light hits your hair.
  • Smoking is not only the cause of death for you but also for your hair. If you want to get smooth and shiny hair, you have to quit smoking. Too much caffeine can also prevent shiny hair.
  • Use a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Make sure they have ingredients like olive oil or jojoba. However, don’t use them all the time. Alternate them with your regular products. Avoid clarifying shampoos as they can rob hair of moisture.
  • Espresso can be used to enhance the natural shine of your hair. Start by making one cup of strong espresso and letting it cool for about 30 minutes. Pour the espresso through your dry hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, covering your hair with a shower cap. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water and then blow dry it on medium-high heat. Your hair should instantly look shiny and healthy!
  • Vitamin E is very important for your hair. Include brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and leafy green vegetables in your diet.
  • After washing your hair, towel-dry it and apply either a shine serum (for frizzy, coarse hair or unruly curls) or a glossing cream (for fine to medium coat). Both should contain high levels of panthenol.
  • To add shine and bounce to your hair, try using fresh lemon juice. Simply mix one teaspoon of lemon juice from a fresh lemon with one cup of water. After washing your hair with your regular shampoo, apply the lemon juice mixture to your wet hair and massage it in for a few minutes. Rinse your hair immediately and thoroughly with cold water, then blow dry it on medium heat. Your hair should be left looking shiny and full of bounce!
  • Using a hair dryer can strip the moisture out of your hair. Choose heat-activated shampoos and conditioners to lock in moisture.

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So, here are eight remedies that will give you shiny hair. If you notice that your hair has lost a bit of shine during the day, just spritz your hands with some shine spray and run them through your hair.

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