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How To Burn Off Extra Holiday Calories- 8 Tips

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It may be difficult for you to fit in the required 20 minutes of cardiovascular or core-strengthening exercise during the holiday season due to your busy schedule. With all the sweets and hot chocolate during the holidays, maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. But try not to feel too lethargic.

Even though you’re busy getting ready for the holidays, you can still work out. But all that eating comes with calories, and calories lead to weight gain.

How then do you get rid of those extra calories?

Best 8 Tips- How To Burn Holiday Calories

  • Grab a sled and go lose some of those holiday pounds if the winter weather conditions allow for snow this year! You’ll get a great workout walking up the hill while wearing heavy winter clothing. For a more potent burn, try running up the hills in between rides.
  • You miss your yoga class because of a holiday cookie exchange at work, guests are coming over tonight, and the house is a complete mess. According to Griffiths, even cooking ignites the calorie furnace, especially if you’re moving around the kitchen. So turn on some upbeat music and dance while you bake.
  • Don’t let your spouse do the snow shoveling or hire someone to do it for you. You don’t need any bloody assistance. Try it on your own and feel the pain!
  • You can minimize the amount of time you spend in chilly temperatures by using stairs or any other uphill climb to fully engage your muscles and take advantage of the outdoors.
  • Snowball Battles: Although throwing soft powder at your friends and loved ones may seem like a child’s game, it’s a great way to get competitive and work up a sweat while running and hiding!
  • Get down there and engage in some playtime with the kids you haven’t seen in a while. At the same time that you burn calories, you create memories.
  • Lock your arms so they are straight and below your shoulders while performing a push-up. For 20 seconds, hold your body still in an elevated position; then, switch it up five times. At the holiday party, dancing?
  • Baby, burn it up. According to the experts at Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of dancing can help a 125-pound person burn around 165 calories.

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Simply keep in mind the math of calories in versus calories out as you navigate the remainder of the holiday season. Cheers to the holidays!

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